35 Hot & Sexy Valentine's Day Gifts to Excite Him

February 14, 2024 by Melissa Bajda

Get ready to spice up your Valentine's Day with these sexy Valentine's Day gifts for your significant other.

Whether you are looking to reignite the passion in your relationship or simply want to show your partner how much they mean to you, these sensual surprises will make this holiday one to remember. From luxurious lingerie to playful bedroom accessories, these hot and sexy Valentine's Day gifts for him will set the mood and leave him feeling loved and desired.

1. Sex in a Box

Ignite your partner's passion with a Personalized Sex in a Box Set. These best Valentine's Day gifts for men include a pair of cotton boxers with suggestive writing, and playful hand-cuffs, key included for those adventurous nights. Elevate the mood further with the included Pine-scented, 8 oz 'sexy time' candle.

Each item, including the Spanish Cedar-lined wooden box, can be personalized with your significant other's name, adding that extra touch of intimacy to your Valentine's Day.

2. I Love Your D Chocolate Box

Sweeten up your Valentine's Day with the I Love Your D Chocolate Box.

This best Valentine's Day gift is as exquisite as it is playful. With a decadent assortment of caramel, pistachio, hazelnut, and fruit-flavored chocolates, it is a tasteful, sensual delight for the couple who has sweet tooth.

These sumptuous chocolates, coupled with the suggestive message, make it a sexy, unforgettable gift that's bound to leave a lasting impression on your loved one's taste buds. It can be given on other special occasions, as well!

3. Naughty Coffee Mug Set

Add a fun twist to your morning coffee routine with the 'I love His Rooster, I love her Cat' Mug Set. These best Valentine's gifts for him and her will undoubtedly bring a smirk to your faces.

Sold separately, they make a humorous and playful gift that subtly hints at your naughty side. Start your Valentine's Day with a suggestive sip of steamy brew, elevating your everyday moments with a dash of flirtatious humor.

4. Fun "Fork Now, Spoon Later" Set

Fun Vday Gifts

This Fork Now, Spoon Later set is a cute and sexy Valentine's Day gift for your guy. With its cute engraving, it adds a fun element to your romantic dinners. It's a fun and intimate way to set the mood and create a memorable and alluring evening together.

5. Sexy Hand Cuffs

Indulge your playful side with 'Property Of' Handcuffs. Designed with the name in seductive black lettering, these thoughtful Valentine's Day gifts for men offer a provocative twist to the ordinary.

This bold statement of possession serves as an exciting declaration of your intimate bond. With the key included, they cater to both the cautious and the adventurous. These sexy handcuffs make an intriguing and risqué gift that your partner won't soon forget.

Turn your Valentine's Day into an unforgettable night of fun and intimacy with this Valentine's Day gift for him!

6. Romantic Rendezvous Gift Set Crate

The Romantic Rendezvous Gift Set Crate is an exquisite Valentine's Day present for men, packed with elegance and love.

This luxurious set includes a personalized candle for atmosphere, a cutting board for shared meals, and champagne flutes for toasting to love, all encased in a handcrafted cedar crate that can bear a heartfelt message. It is the perfect way to create a memorable and intimate celebration.

7. Photo and Hearts Boxers

Spice up his wardrobe with the Photo and Hearts Boxers. Available in black, navy, and grey, these best Valentine's gifts for men are the perfect blend of comfort and seduction.

What makes them truly unique is the option to personalize with faces and hearts, printed on both front and back. From close-up selfies to cute couple shots, let your imagination run wild. Turn everyday wear into a flirtatious statement that he'll love to flaunt.

This Valentine’s Day, give him this best gift that is as fun and intimate as it is practical.

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8. Naughty Wheel of Fun Card

Elevate the element of surprise this Valentine’s Day with the Naughty Wheel of Fun Card. Spin the wheel to uncover a variety of titillating actions, from his fantasy and 69 to a hand job, adding a spicy twist to your romantic escapades.

Sealed in a 100gsm high-quality ribbed brown kraft envelope, these best Valentine's gifts for him are the perfect balance of flirty fun and sensual intimacy. Keep your love life exciting and unpredictable with this enticing gift for your V-Day.

9. Sexy Time Candle

Turn up the heat this Valentine's Day with the Sexy Time Candle. Its seductive pine scent fills the room, creating an enticing atmosphere perfect for a night of romance.

This 8 oz soy blend wax candle is a testament to sensual sophistication. Its soft, flickering glow sets the mood for a memorable evening.

Illuminate your love life with this passionate addition, making every moment count with its captivating ambiance. One of our favorite Valentine's Day gifts for him!

10. Love Is Art Kit

Unleash your creative and passionate sides this Valentine’s Day with the Love Is Art Kit.

These best Valentine's Day gifts with body-safe paint and a large canvas. The fun begins when you and your partner use your bodies as paintbrushes to create your unique masterpiece. Turning your shared passion into tangible art, this gift embodies a truly sensual and romantic experience.

Make your Valentine's Day an unforgettable mix of art, love, and intimacy with this sexy gift.

11. Women's Butt-Inspired Drinking Glasses

Toast to your love this Valentine's Day with the unique Women's Butt-Inspired Drinking Glasses. This set of two hand-blown, lead-free glasses features a thick, butt-shaped design that will make you both chuckles.

A fun, flirty addition to your evening's drinkware, they're perfect for sipping your favorite wine or cocktail together. This best Valentine's Day gift for him is a cheeky nod, making it a playful yet intimate present that he'll adore.

12. Whiskey & Frisky Gift Set

Unleash the spirit of romance with the Whiskey & Frisky Gift Set.

These best Valentine's Day gifts include two dishwasher-safe custom whiskey glasses for your favorite libations and a long burn time pine-scented candle to set a romantic ambiance. Completing the set are engraved handcuffs, keys included, to add a thrilling edge to your evening.

All presented in a charming custom box, this must-have gift set promises to spice things up in the bed.

13. Provocative Metal Wallet Card

Slip a touch of romance in his pocket with this perfect gift for long-distance couples: Provocative Metal Wallet Card.

This sleek, personalized card can feature your favorite photo together and a heartfelt, flirty message at the bottom. Compact and durable, it is a constant reminder of your love that fits perfectly in his wallet.

This Valentine's Day, let this suggestive keepsake card express your intimate bond uniquely and discreetly. Perfect for a sentimental type of guy!

14. Women's Butt-Inspired Golf Polo

Put a playful spin on his golf attire with the Women's Butt-Inspired Golf Polo.

These best Valentine's Day gifts feature a cheeky whale tail design, offers both comfort and a premium feel. With moisture-wicking capabilities and UPF 50 protection, it is as practical as it is provocative.

Help him tee off with a smile, thanks to this Valentine's gift for a guy who loves golf.

15. Sexy Portrait from Photo Hoodie

Step up the personalization game this Valentine’s Day with the Sexy Portrait from Photo Hoodie.

With these Valentine's gift ideas for her or him, you can turn a tasteful nude photo of your significant other into a stylish line-art portrait. Printed on a cozy, high-quality hoodie, this work of art becomes a comfortable yet risqué statement piece.

This provocative and personal present is a constant reminder of your intimate bond, making it an unforgettable Valentine's gift.

16. Naughty Golf Ball

Up your game on the green with the Naughty Golf Ball. Featuring a risqué pin-up girl and a flirty golf double-entendre, these best Valentine's gifts for him add a playful touch to his favorite pastime.

These best Valentine's Day gifts not only perform excellently on the course but also tickle your funny bone. This Valentine’s Day, tee off with these entertainingly suggestive golf balls that combine the love for the sport with a dash of adult humor.

17. Cum Rag Towel

Add a cheeky element to your sensual surprises with a high-quality 'Cum Rag' towel.

These best Valentine's Day gifts bring a dash of humor to the bedroom while still being functional. Combine it with our Handcuffs for an even spicier encounter. Not only is this a unique and fun gift, but it's also an expression of your shared comfort and intimacy.

An unusual yet charming addition to your Valentine's Day gifts, it’s sure to get a laugh and a blush.

18. Adult UNO Game Box Set

Spice up your game night this Valentine's Day with the Adult UNO Game Box Set.

It is not just the regular deck of UNO cards; this romantic gift set includes 'Dirty Uno' shot glasses and a blindfold, along with a laminated rule card, guaranteeing a feisty twist to the classic game. It is a great gift for a V-Day that encourages fun, flirtation, and a hint of risqué competition.

Enjoy this playful present that takes your UNO game to a whole new level of excitement and intimacy.

19. Funny Valentine's Day Card

Share a hearty laugh with your significant other by presenting them with a "Come Get Them" Valentine's Day Card.

Featuring a playful boobies design, this sexy truth card will bring a mischievous smile to his face. This fun-filled and risqué card, complete with a humorous inside message, adds a dash of unexpected hilarity to your Valentine's Day.

These Valentine's Day gift ideas are a delightfully lighthearted way to express your love and keep things spicy.

20. Sex Blocks: Intimate Tumble Tower Game

Raise the stakes on game night with Sex Blocks: Intimate Tumble Tower Game.

These best Valentine's gifts for him feature 69 prompt stacks that invite you to build your tower, then enjoy taking turns pulling pieces and performing the flirty prompts. This Valentine's Day, create memorable, playful experiences with a thrilling twist.

Turn your ordinary evening into a game of passion and surprise that will heighten your intimacy.

21. Funny Valentine's Day Campfire Mug

Funny Valentine's Day Campfire Mug

Heat up your Valentine's Day with our hilarious campfire mug featuring the cheeky quote: "I love you for your personality but that d**k is a huge bonus."  Crafted for those who appreciate humor with a touch of spice, this mug is a fun and unforgettable way to celebrate love.

22. Triangle Inflatable Ramp Pillow

Transform your bedroom escapades with the Triangle Inflatable Ramp Pillow.

Its unique design offers comfort and supports a variety of deeper-level, sensual new positions. Made from durable PVC, this sex toy is easy to inflate and store away, making it perfect for spontaneous romantic adventures.

This Valentine’s Day, experiment with new depths of intimacy, courtesy of this handy, sexy gift for your special someone.

23. Valentine Whiskey Glass

Add a dash of romance to his nightcap with a custom Valentine Whiskey Glass.

This 11 oz glass showcases a personal touch, featuring his name on one side and "My Forever Valentine" on the other. It's more than just a drinking vessel, it is a sentimental keepsake that will remind him of your love every time he enjoys his favorite whiskey.

This sentimental gift is an intimate way to add a sexy spin to his routine nightcap. Give him a reason to toast to love this Valentine's Day.

24. Risqué Romance Gift Set

Risqué Romance Gift Set

Get ready to add some spice to your love life with our "Risqué Romance Gift Set" – the ultimate laugh-out-loud gift set for couples who aren't afraid to turn up the heat in a hilarious way! This side-splitting ensemble includes everything you need for a wild night of naughty shenanigans.

Unleash your inner self as you explore the art of romance with a pair of playful handcuffs that'll have you both in stitches. The accompanying candle sets the mood with a flickering flame and a scent that's as irresistible as your partner's charm.

25. Let's Get Naked Massage Candle

Ignite the spark this Valentine's Day with the "Let's Get Naked" Massage Candle.

Crafted with avocado, hemp, and jojoba oils and enriched with vitamin E oil, this candle doubles as a sensual massage oil. As the soy wax gently melts, it transforms into warm, fragrant oil perfect for a relaxing massage.

The glass jar, cork top, and wooden spoon add a touch of elegance, making it a sexy and thoughtful gift. This candle promises an unforgettable night of romance and intimacy.

26. Customized Valentine Scratch Card

Add a playful element to your Valentine's gift with a Customized Naughty Scratch Card.

Tailored with a provocative message concealed by a scratch-off heart, it promises a thrilling reveal. Opt for a custom heart color to match his personality or your mood for the day.

This little card carries a big surprise, making it a fun, sexy, and thoughtful gift to spice up your sex life. Make this Valentine's Day a memorable occasion with an unexpected twist!

27. Custom Your Own Bootleg Shirt

Unleash his inner fashionista with a Custom Bootleg Shirt. Choose your sexiest photos, his favorite color, and the perfect size to craft a unique, alluring piece just for him.

Each shirt can be tailored with a special name or message, making it a truly personal gift. From the materials to the prints, every detail is under your control. This sexy custom shirt will be his new favorite, transforming even the most casual days into something a little more exciting.

28. Little Box of Smut

Spice up your Valentine's Day with the Little Box of Smut. These best Valentine's Day gifts contain magnetic words of smut that can be stuck on any metallic surface. Let him construct a seductive sentence and command you to enact it.

This gives an exciting, playful edge to your romantic evening, making it an erotic game of words and desires. This provocative gift is a daring way to express your love.

29. Valentine's Day Boxer Briefs

Valentine's Day Boxer Briefs

Surprise your significant other with a gift that combines humor and intimacy, adding a playful touch to Valentine's Day. These cheeky boxer briefs are a delightful way to add a bit of humor to your intimate moments, creating lasting memories. Make this Valentine's Day unforgettable with a touch of humor and intimacy – the perfect combination in our Valentine's Day Boxer Briefs!

Spice this gift up a little more with our Cuff Lovin!

30. Cheeky Valentine's Day Pint Glass

Cheeky Valentine's Day Pint Glass

Add a playful twist to your Valentine's Day celebrations with a pint glass that combines love and laughter. Enjoy your favorite beverages with a side of laughter, making each sip a delightful experience.

Make your Valentine's Day celebration unforgettable with the Funny Valentine's Day Pint Glass, a humorous and charming addition to your romantic moments!

31. Men's Romantic Gift Set

The Romantic Gift Set is designed to impress your man on Valentine's Day, combining sentimentality with luxury.

This set, doubling as a humidor, includes a personalized message, a custom candle, lighter, folding knife, and a minimalist wallet, all encased in a wood box lined with Spanish cedar.

Perfect for adding a personal touch to romantic occasions, it features customizable elements for a unique gift experience.

Other Naughty Valentine's Day Ideas for Him

32. Tease Him with Sensual Lingerie for Yourself

Why not surprise your partner with a tantalizing lingerie set that shows off your sensuality and confidence? Choose something that you feel beautiful and comfortable in, from a sultry satin babydoll to a provocative lace teddy.

This isn't just a gift for him—it's a gift for you, too. His admiration will add an extra sparkle to your evening. Arouse his anticipation and let the night unfold with passionate excitement.

33. Indulge Him with His Favorite Fragrance

If your man has a preferred cologne, splurge on a new bottle for Valentine's Day. Scent is strongly tied to memory and emotions, making this a thoughtful and intimate gift. Each time he wears it, he'll be reminded of the special occasion and the person who gifted it to him.

If he's open to trying something new, choose an exotic fragrance that appeals to your senses as well - it's a gift that will draw you both closer.

34. Heat Up the Bedroom with Erotic Literature

Venture into the world of tantalizing tales with an erotic novel or anthology. Whether it’s a sensual romance or a steamy adventure, reading together can stoke the flames of passion.

Choose a book that intrigues both of you, curl up in bed, and take turns reading out loud. The shared experience of exploring new fantasies can intensify your connection and inspire thrilling ideas for your own escapades.

Let the written word ignite your imaginations and set the mood for a fiery Valentine’s night.

35. Surprise Him with Seductive Bedroom Games

Unleash the playful side of your relationship with seductive bedroom games.

Consider a spicy deck of cards or an erotic board game that will encourage intimate exploration and spice up your sex life. These games create an atmosphere of anticipation, opening new doors to your shared desire and breaking any routine.

He'll be thrilled by this surprising gift and the promise of the thrilling nights to come. Don't be afraid to laugh, have fun, and truly enjoy each other in a new, enticing way.

Enhance Communication for a Stronger Connection

Creating a more intimate bond with your partner goes beyond physical interactions; it's all about improving your communication.

For this Valentine's Day, why not gift him a relationship-enhancing game? Opt for a question card game that is designed to spark deep conversations, reveal secrets, or explore fantasies. It's an enjoyable way to get to know each other on a deeper level, potentially leading to heightened trust and understanding.

Sharing these intimate discussions can bring you closer and strengthen your emotional connection, which in turn can intensify your physical connection.

So, as you plan your sensual surprises this Valentine's, remember to include ways that enhance your communication, because a stronger bond makes every experience more potent.

Integrate Romantic Gifts into a Memorable Evening

Setting the stage for your romantic evening can be as impactful as the gifts themselves.

  • Begin by creating a serene environment that promotes intimacy.
  • Dimmed lighting or flickering candlelight can give your space a warm, inviting glow.
  • Sprinkle the room with his favorite fragrance to arouse his senses.
  • Start the evening with a home-cooked dinner or his favorite takeout.
  • Unveil your tantalizing new lingerie after dinner, allowing his anticipation to build.
  • Share an erotic story from your chosen novel during dessert, setting a seductive tone.
  • Then, invite him to play your selected bedroom game, sparking playful interaction and enhancing your connection.
  • If you have chosen to include massage oil in your gift selection, now is the perfect time to treat him to a sensual massage.

And remember, the ultimate goal is not just to present these gifts, but to use them as a means to explore and deepen your intimate connection.

Deepen Your Emotional Bond Beyond Physical Gifts

While sensual surprises and gifts can ignite physical passion, fostering an emotional bond goes beyond the physical realm.

To create a deeper connection, focus on gestures that convey love and understanding. Write him a heartfelt letter expressing your feelings and appreciation or create a custom playlist with songs that hold special meaning to both of you.

You can also plan an experience to share together—perhaps a picnic at a cherished location or a cooking session to recreate your first date meal. These shared moments can evoke cherished memories and create new ones.

Another option is to enroll in a workshop or class together. Whether it's salsa dancing, pottery, or a couples’ cooking class, the shared experience can help you connect on a new level, learning about each other and growing together.

Remember, the most meaningful gifts often come from the heart, not the wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do you spoil a guy on Valentine's Day?

To spoil a guy on Valentine's Day, focus on personalized gestures that resonate with his interests. Plan an experience that aligns with his hobbies, such as a day at a racetrack for a car enthusiast or tickets to a sports game he loves. Complement these with small, thoughtful gifts like a high-quality accessory for his favorite hobby, a book by an author he admires, or a gourmet meal at a restaurant he's been wanting to try.

Q2. What should I give my bf for Valentine's Day?

When considering a gift for your boyfriend for Valentine's Day, think about his personal tastes and interests. If he's into technology, consider the latest gadget or accessory. For a music lover, vinyl records of his favorite artists or high-quality headphones could be ideal. A personalized gift, such as a custom-made item with a significant date or message, can also be very meaningful.

Alternatively, an experience gift like a cooking class or a weekend getaway can create lasting memories.

Q3. What do you get a guy for Valentine's Day just started dating?

For a guy you've just started dating on Valentine's Day, choose a gift that's thoughtful but not too extravagant, as it should reflect the early stage of your relationship. A good book, a nice bottle of his favorite spirit, or a gourmet coffee blend are safe yet considerate choices. Tickets to a concert, movie, or a local event can be a great way to spend time together and deepen your connection.

Q4. How can I impress my man on Valentine's Day?

To impress your man on Valentine's Day, tailor the celebration to his personal tastes and show that you truly understand what makes him happy. Prepare a romantic evening with activities he enjoys, whether it is a movie night with his favorite films, a candlelit dinner with his preferred cuisine, or an outdoor adventure if he is a nature enthusiast.


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