17 Soccer Coach Appreciation Gifts to Express Your Gratitude

Updated on December 12, 2023 by Melissa Bajda

Attention all soccer players and parents! As the season ends, it's time to show our appreciation for the hard work and dedication of our amazing soccer coaches. They have spent countless hours on the field, guiding and mentoring us to become better players. What better way to thank them than with a soccer coach gift? From practical items to sentimental tokens, there are endless options. 

In this blog post, we have curated a list of the top 17 soccer coach gift ideas that will express your gratitude most thoughtfully. So, let's kick off and find the perfect gift for your soccer coach!

1. Personalized Pint Glass

Personalized Pint Glass

Raise a glass to your incredible soccer coach with aPersonalized Pint Glass! This thoughtful coach gift allows you to add a personal touch by customizing their name on the front, in the middle of a stylish soccer ball design. And remember to include the year, a great way to commemorate their time with the team. 

On the back, you can even add the names of all the team players. With a 16-ounce capacity, this pint glass is the perfect size for a refreshing beverage after a game.

2. Soccer Team Coach's Plaque

Soccer Team Coach's Plaque

Say thank you to your soccer coach with this adorableSoccer Team Coach's Plaque! Shaped like a soccer ball, this personalized gift is the perfect way to show your appreciation. You can personalize it with your coach's name, team player names, years, team names, and many more things if you want. 

Made from high-quality wood, these best soccer coach gift ideas will be a lasting reminder of the impact your favorite coach has had on your soccer team. 

3. Fun Soccer Water Bottle

Soccer Coach Gift Water Bottle

Soccer Water Bottle is a great gift for any soccer fan in your life.

These best gifts for soccer fans hold enough liquid to keep them hydrated while they take their soccer practice. The screw-on lid with an easy flip top makes it easy to drink while you play soccer.

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4. Personalized Leather Wallet

Personalized Leather Wallet

This Personalized Leather Wallet can be customized with your coach's name, making it a thoughtful and personal gift. Available in different colors, you can choose a wallet that matches your coach's style. 

And for an extra special touch, consider adding a photo engraving of your coach. This personalized leather wallet is not only practical but also a meaningful token of gratitude that your coach is sure to appreciate.

5. Stainless Steel Whistle

Stainless Steel Whistle

ThisStainless Steel Whistle is made from high-quality stainless steel, this whistle can be personalized with your coach's name and your team name, making it a thoughtful and one-of-a-kind gift. 

Whether your coach uses it on the field or keeps it as a keepsake, this stainless steel whistle is perfect for running drills. Show your appreciation for all their hard work and dedication with this great gift idea.

6. Soccer Coach Hoodie

Soccer Coach Hoodie

TheSoccer Coach Hoodie is the perfect soccer coach gift that combines comfort and style. Available in different colors, this hoodie will keep your coach cozy on the sidelines while showing off their passion for the game. With the word "COACH" spelled out and the "O" resembles a soccer ball, this great gift idea for your soccer coach is a fun and unique way to show your appreciation.

Made from soft and comfortable material, your favorite soccer coach will love wearing this hoodie and being reminded of the amazing team they have coached.

7. Personalized Soccer Sign

Personalized Soccer Sign

You can surprise your coach with thisPersonalized Soccer Sign. This handmade sign is made from durable steel and can be customized with your coach's name. 

Hang it in their bedroom or living room to remind them of their impact on your team. These best soccer coach gift ideas come in various sizes so that you can choose the perfect fit. Perfect for this holiday season!

8. Soccer Themed Tumbler

fun soccer coach gift tumbler

TheSoccer Themed Tumbler is a fantastic soccer coach gift idea that combines functionality and style. With a size of 20oz, these soccer coach gifts are perfect for holding your coach's favorite beverage on the go. Made from durable stainless steel, it features double-wall insulation to keep drinks at the perfect temperature. 

The laser-etched word "SOCCER" repeated four times adds a unique touch. And with different color options available, you can find the perfect tumbler to match your coach's style.

9. Coach Water Bottle

Coach Water Bottle

TheCoach Water Bottle is a practical and stylish soccer coach gift that they'll love using every day. With the word "COACH" printed on it and the "O" cleverly represented by a soccer ball, this water bottle shows off their love for the game. 

Made from durable stainless steel, this soccer coach appreciation gift features a flip-top lid and vacuum insulation to keep drinks cold for hours. Available in various colors, these cool gifts for soccer coaches are both functional and fun.

10. I'm a Soccer Coach Mug

I'm a Soccer Coach Mug

A great soccer coach can change your life! Show off your soccer coach's superpower with the "I'm a Soccer Coach, What's Your Superpower?" mug. ThisI'm a Soccer Coach Mug is the perfect soccer coach gift, with its soccer theme and 11-ounce capacity. 

Every time your coach takes a sip from this mug, they'll be reminded of their love for the game and the impact they have on their players. These sentimental soccer coach gifts will bring a smile to your coach's face every morning.

11. Custom Soccer Ball

Custom Soccer Ball

Your coach will love thisCustom Soccer Ball! This thoughtful gift allows you to personalize the ball with your coach's name and your team's name, making it a truly special and meaningful gesture.

Whether they display it proudly in their office or use it for a friendly game with the team, these unique soccer coach gift ideas will be a constant reminder of the impact they've had on your soccer journey.

12. Soccer Coach Blanket

Soccer Coach Blanket

TheSoccer Coach Blanket is the ultimate cozy and personalized soccer coach gift. With a soccer ball design in the middle of the blanket, you can add your coach's name on the bottom of the soccer ball for a special touch. In the middle of the soccer ball, you can proudly display your team's name.

To make it even more personal, you can surround the soccer ball with the names of your players, creating a unique and heartfelt tribute. 

13. Custom Trucker Hat

Custom Trucker Hat

Surprise your coach with thisCustom Trucker Hat! With this hat, you can add your coach's name at the bottom of the "COACH" text, where the "O" represents a soccer ball. 

Available in a variety of colors, this hat is not only stylish but also a practical accessory for your coach to wear on the sidelines. Show your appreciation with this unique and personalized gift that your soccer coach will love.

14. Personalized keychain

Personalized keychain

APersonalized keychain is a small but meaningful soccer coach gift that they can carry with them every day. Made from durable aluminum, this soccer ball keychain is double-sided, ensuring that the personalization will not scratch or peel off. You can customize it with your coach's name, number, or even the year. 

This good gift for any soccer coach is not only practical for keeping track of keys, but it also serves as a constant reminder of their impact as a soccer coach. 

15. Personalized Portrait

Personalized Portrait

ThePersonalized Portrait is the epitome of a heartfelt soccer coach gift. It captures the essence of coaching by showcasing a head photo of the esteemed coach integrated into the design. 

This personalized touch not only honors the coach's dedication but also reflects their vital role in the realm of soccer coaching. Every time they see the portrait, they'll be reminded of the impact they've made on their players' lives.

16. Personalized Picture Frame

Personalized Picture Frame

ThisPersonalized picture framemakes for a truly special soccer coach gift. With the ability to customize the frame with your team name, coach name, years of coaching, and even add your team picture, it becomes a unique keepsake that holds a lot of sentimental value. 

Made from durable wood and laser engraved, the personalization is permanent, ensuring it won't wash off. It's a beautiful way to showcase your appreciation for your coach's hard work and dedication. 

17. Thanks, Coach Card

Thanks, Coach Card

With three different designs and bright color envelopes, ourThanks, Coach Cards are the perfect addition to your soccer coach gift ideas. Inside the card, a simple but powerful message awaits: "YOU'RE AWESOME!" 

These cards along with soccer coach gifts are a thoughtful way to express your gratitude and appreciation for all that your soccer coach has done. Don't forget to include it with your other coach gifts to make their day even more special.

18. Soccer Coach Signature Frame

This Soccer Coach Signature Frame allows you to capture the memories of the end of season and show your appreciation to your favorite soccer coach.

With the free marker included, you can easily swap our sample photo with a team picture and let each member sign it. This personalized touch will make your coach feel special and cherished. It can be used for other sports such as football, baseball and whatnots!

It is the perfect way to say thank you and show your gratitude for all your hard work. Don't miss out on one of the best gifts for soccer coaches!

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