19 Best Birthday Gifts for 18 Year Old Guy

Updated on March 13, 2022 by Eds Alvarez

Welcome him to adulthood with a gift that will make him step up to adulthood or remember that there's still that kid inside of him despite his age. Whatever you choose for his birthday gift, make sure it will be something he will always remember you by. Your birthday gift can be something practical and functional. It can also be something you know he would use on a daily basis or one that can be part of whatever he has set his mind on collecting for a hobby. Adulting can be so much fun and your gift will speak much as he transitions to a new phase in his life. 

Here are 19 of the best 18th birthday gift ideas you can choose from: 

19. Personalized Desk Dock

birthday gift dock

This personalized desk dock keeps him looking manly while getting his stuff straight. It will definitely look great for his nightstand or desk. You can also have bonus birthday points for engraving his name.

18. Drone with 4K Camera 


This easy and fun to fly drone comes equipped with many safety features to ensure a safe flight. Equipped with a 4K camera your guy won't believe all he can see and will be entertained for hours with this drone. Bring him back to the days of ripping open the presents on his birthday and watch his inner kid come out.

17. Matt Black Stainless Steel Tankards

This Matt Black Stainless Steel Tankards makes the perfect personalized gift for his special birthday. It can be engraved with any message up to 4 lines, 20 characters per line. Tankard holds approximately 500ml of liquid, and comes supplied in a cardboard gift box.

16. Tall Slim Genuine Leather Front Pocket Wallet

Genuine leather custom Front pocket wallet

Available in 3 colors with personalization, this wallet makes the perfect birthday gift for him. This genuine leather lightweight and slim front pocket wallet is perfect for him who is always on the go and values having the necessities without being bogged down. Fitting up to 9 cards as well as his cash your man's pockets will be loaded while maintaining their fit and style. 

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15. Outdoor Fishing Gloves

 It's the perfect gift for him who loves to work in the dark. This Outdoor Fishing Gloves is a pretty useful gift for him. It can be used from  fishing to working on cars from early morning or other tight places where light is needed. The flashlight work gloves with 2 LED on index finger and thumb and could point to anywhere he wants, bright enough for tasks.

14. 18th Birthday Gift Box

This 18th Birthday Gift Box is a personalized crate perfect for gifting the birthday boy! Fill it with his favorite presents, snacks or drinks! Add the age and name you need, and your personalized message on the front to make his birthday extra special. You are purchasing a crate only. No contents will be enclosed. You may customize the age, name and message you would like printed on the crate. 

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13. Powerbeats Pro Wireless

He loves to pump iron at the gym. We all know that getting “in the zone” can be tough if you don’t have the right music playing, so, buy your guy these high-fidelity wireless earphones so he can hit those reps with perfect form!

12. Smart Speaker With Alexa

Let him have a great time listening to his favorite music! This compact Bluetooth speaker guarantees your backyard dates are filled with the calming ambiance of your favorite albums. For the tech-savvy guy, this speaker also comes with voice command recognition so he can change the song without ever getting off the couch. 

11. Apple Airpods Pro

This Apple Airpods Pro is a pair of the Apple Airpod Pros, and the streamlined listening experience might just make him see the light and toss out his wired headphones altogether. It's one gift he will definitely use for a long time. 

10. Custom Bracelet

This Custom Bracelet is a hand made item made of leather. It features a magnetic closure and can be personalized with his name and age. It uses a braided leather or paracord bracelet with personalized stainless steel rings and a pattern feature ring in the center. This bracelet is available in black or brown leather cord or a premium black polypropylene cord (6mm dia). 

9. Personalized Charging Pad

This personalized charging pad is not only a must have accessory if you have a phone. He won't have to worry about carrying a cord around with him everywhere he goes, and you can put a custom name or initial on it that will make it even more special.  

8. 18th Birthday Funny Chocolate Bar Wrapper


This 18th Birthday Funny Chocolate Bar Wrapper is the perfect way to introduce a new 18 year old to adulthood! With this item from Choco Banter you can either have just the wrapper sent to you so you can wrap it around your own chocolate bar of choice or we can wrap a chocolate bar ( Branded Smooth chocolate 110g Bar) and send as a complete gift.

7. DIY Game Console Kit

This DIY Game Console Kit will allow him to collect old video game consoles and put them on display. Add this DIY console kit that gives him the chance to make his own handheld gaming system to complete his assemblage with a personal touch. 


The Magic Man Wallet and Phone Stand comes with 2 secure pockets for his cards and cash. The slim grip slides shut to keep his pockets slim and slides open for all his online social media time. This personalized wallet doubles as a phone stand.  

5. Emergency Whiskey Keyring

Finished with a black and white 'Emergency Whiskey' label and silver keyring,  this Emergency Whiskey Keyring is a little glass bottle filled with fun. A colored glue-like liquid is used to imitate the whiskey. This ensures that it doesn't evaporate or soak up in to the cork over time. They can also be left empty for you to fill with real whiskey. 

4. Eighteen 18 Year Old T-Shirt

This Eighteen 18 Year Old T-Shirt fits like a well-loved favorite. Super soft cotton and excellent quality print will make him fall in love with it over and over again. It is made of 100% air loom combed and ring spun cotton (fiber content may vary for different colors). He'll definitely love this gift. 

3. Personalized Power Bank

This Personalized Power Bank will allow him to charge his phone before heading out, then this is a great 18th birthday gift for him! This customizable battery pack has both wireless and wired charging capabilities so he can hook his phone up and toss it in a bag while he’s on the road or in a meeting – easy-peasy. 

2. Google WiFi Mesh

This Google WiFi Mesh will help him stop complaining about spotty wifi? This Google router replacement makes ever-buffering videos and slow downloads a thing of the past with its larger-than-usual wifi coverage, home dead spots begone! He’ll never miss another game (sports or otherwise) because of wifi ever again.

1. Monogrammed Duffle Bag

Monogrammed Bag for Men

Each Bag is personalized using a high quality charcoal gray iron on vinyl in a masculine stencil font. This Monogrammed Duffle Bag  is the perfect go-to item for a day of the wedding carry-all,  camping trip, or even a destination wedding carry on. This duffle bag is created with a Polycanvas material with vinyl leatherette accents and antique hardware. As an added bonus it comes complete with a side shoe pocket.

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