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  • 84 of the Best Graduation Gifts for Him in 2024

    by Chris Bajda April 15, 2024

    Graduation season is here, and with it comes the age-old question: what to gift the newly minted graduate?

    If you're looking for a way to express your pride and admiration for the guy in your life who is about to graduate, we've got you covered. We've curated a collection of personalized and fun graduation gifts that will impress him.

    So, take a moment to show your appreciation and love for the graduate in your life with one of these best graduation gifts for him.

    84. The New Chapter Celebrator - Personalized Graduation Gift Box

    The Personalized Graduation Gift Box for Men is a curated gift set designed to celebrate academic achievements.

    This personalized graduation gift box includes a premium leather wallet, a sleek knife, a versatile lighter, and a multi-tool pen, all encased in a personalized wooden box. The box can be customized with a name and a special message, making it a meaningful and stylish token of success for any graduate.

    This set symbolizes sophistication, resilience, and versatility, reflecting the graduate's hard work and dedication.

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    83. The Timekeeper Grad - Graduate Watch

    The Graduate Watch is a sophisticated and timeless gift designed to honor a graduate’s achievements.

    This watch combines style and sentimentality, featuring a dark brown real sandalwood case and a genuine leather strap, making it a stylish accessory for any occasion. It features a reliable Japanese Quartz movement and offers a personalized touch with the option to engrave the graduate's name, graduation year, and school name on the back.

    Perfect for everyday wear, these college graduation gifts not only keep the time but also serve as a lasting memento of the graduate’s hard work and success.

    82. The Always Charged Grad - Personalized Power Bank

    graduation phone charger

    If your graduate is a guy on the move, this Personalized Phone Charger will make the perfect personalized graduation gift. You can personalize the front with his name, and the back with any custom message that you choose.  

    81. The Tough Grad - Custom Pocket Knife

    graduation gift pocket knife

    This isn't grandma's kitchen knife, its a sleek personalized damascus blade knife that your graduate will love to have by his side in any situation.

    Whether he's cutting up boxes from Amazon or out hunting with his buddies, your guy will be happy to have this awesome personalized knife by his side.

    80. The Memory Keeper Grad Milestone Memento Gift Set

    Milestone Memento Gift Set

    Congratulate your favorite guy's graduation with our Personalized Gift Set! It includes a stylish leather wallet and a handsome sandalwood watch - the perfect combination for any young man starting his next chapter. The wallet is ideal for keeping him organized, while the watch adds sophistication to his professional wardrobe.

    Beautifully packaged in a stylish gift box, this personalized graduation gift set is the perfect way to show how proud you are of his hard work and to help him embark on his next adventure with confidence.

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    79. The Distinguished Grad - Custom Framed Graduation Plaque

    Celebrate your loved one's academic achievements with our Custom Framed Graduation Plaque! This personalized acrylic photo plaque is the perfect way to commemorate their graduation day and all of their hard work leading up to it.

    These best graduation gifts for her or him are available in two sizes - 7x5" and 10x8". They feature a sleek and modern design, with the graduation cap and diploma motif printed directly onto the acrylic using UV printing technology. This results in sharp and vibrant colors that really pop against the clear background.

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    78. The Journeyman Grad - Duffle Bag

    Celebrate his transition from academia to the next chapter of life with the Sentimental Duffle Bag.

    These college graduation gifts for him are customizable with a personal message and his name, symbolize the start of new adventures. The durable cotton canvas and thoughtful design, including a spacious main compartment and multiple pockets, make them perfect for all his future travels.

    Gift him something as enduring and versatile as the journey ahead.

    77. The Memory Collector Grad - Graduation Keepsake Box

    The Graduation Keepsake Box is a beautifully crafted piece made from stained pine wood with a rich Dark Walnut finish.

    Measuring 8.25 inches in length, 7.75 inches in width, and 2.25 inches in height, this box is designed to store and preserve cherished mementos from graduation day and beyond. It offers a multi-functional design that is not only practical for storing important keepsakes but also acts as a decorative item to commemorate the graduate's achievements.

    These best graduation gifts can be personalized with free engraving, allowing names, dates, or special messages to be added, making it an even more special and enduring gift for any graduate.

    76. The Grad Who's Always Ready for Danger - Survival Kit

    graduation survival kit

    This awesome Survival Kit will keep your graduate ready for any situation. Whatever life throws his way this kit has got him covered and then some with 14 tools in one durable easy to carry case. 

    Give your grad the ultimate survival set and rest easy knowing he's equipped.

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    75. The All-In-One Grad - Graduation Gift Box Set

    Graduation Gift Box Set

    Not sure what to get your newly graduated guy to show him how proud you are of his accomplishments?  This Graduation Gift Box Set is the perfect gift for him as it has daily essentials that he will cherish and use for years to come. 

    The ultimate gift box set can be customized with your graduate's name and year of graduation.

    74. The Scholar's Companion - Class-ic Backpack

    Celebrate his milestone with a personal touch! The Class-ic Backpack isn't your ordinary gift; it's an urbane partner for his next escapades on campus and around the globe.

    Made from rugged canvas and leather-trimmed, it has personal custom embroidery so that the graduation gift is like no other.

      73. Survival Kit  - Grad Milestone Celebration Kit

      Embark on life’s next chapter with confidence and a touch of class with the Graduation Survival Box, specifically curated to celebrate his remarkable journey. This stylish gift box comes equipped with a collection of 11 elegantly designed cards, each ready to capture the essence of his achievements and the excitement of future adventures.

      Customize the box with his name under the graduation cap motif to make it uniquely his. The box also includes 2 blank cards for adding those personal messages that mean the most, wrapped with a sleek black ribbon.

      72. School Spirit Box: Personalized Keepsake Crate

      School Spirit Box: Personalized Keepsake Crate

      The School Spirit Box is the ultimate personalized gift for students embarking on their new academic journey or for alumni cherishing their school days. This beautifully crafted wooden crate, customized with the recipient's name and their high school or college logo, is a versatile and meaningful keepsake.

      71. The Mysterious Grad - Secret Message Grad Gift Box 

      Graduation Gift Box with Secret Message

      The Sentimental Gift Box Set is a one-of-a kind gift for your graduate. He'll be blown away when he opens it and sees all the goodies inside, but you might make him cry with your custom message on this box!

      70. The Grad Trying to Get Organized - Personalized Desk Dock

      desk docking station

      Some guys need a little help in the organization department. Let's face it they all do, this Personalized Desk Dock keeps him looking manly while getting his stuff straight.

      These college graduation gifts for him are great for his nightstand or desk. Bonus points for engraving his name.

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      69. The Toastmaster Grad - Graduation Pint Glass

      The Graduation Pint Glass is an ideal celebratory item for any proud graduate transitioning to college or the workforce.

      These best graduation gifts stand 6 inches tall and with a 3.5-inch diameter and hold 16 ounces and can be engraved with the graduate's name and school, adding a personalized touch. Dishwasher safe and featuring permanent engraving, it's designed to commemorate academic achievements stylishly and functionally.

      Whether for a beer enthusiast or a collector of memorable keepsakes, this pint glass makes for a thoughtful graduation gift that celebrates and honors the graduate's journey and accomplishments.

      68. The Vintage Celebrator Grad - Graduation Wine Label

      The Graduation Wine Label offers a unique and creative way to celebrate graduation milestones.

      These custom wine labels provide a personalized touch to any celebration, whether it’s for a friend or family member. Available in various sizes to fit different bottles, each label features glossy, smear-free printing that is both waterproof and repositionable.

      This practical and fun gift allows the recipient to either enjoy a special bottle on their graduation day or keep it as a memorable keepsake.

      67. The Spice Lover Grad - Hot Sauce Graduation Gift Box

      The Hot Sauce Graduation Gift Box is the perfect fiery send-off for a graduate stepping into new challenges. Tailored for those who appreciate a bit of spice, these college graduation gifts include a variety of hot sauces and grilling rubs to enhance any culinary creation.

      Alongside the 'Fire' Hot Sauce Bottle, the box contains three savory grilling rubs, a stylish stainless steel mug branded with 'GRAD', a premium 4 oz soy citronella-scented candle, and sleek glass jar matches, all encased in a round matte black gift box with a custom label.

      66. The Wanderlust Grad - Leather Travel Journal

      custom leather graduation journal

      It is crafted with him in mind. This Leather Travel Journal features 100% real, natural leather that will provide durability for years to come. It has different designs to match his personality and available in 5 colors. 

      The lined/unlined journal pages are removable so that the enduring cover can be refilled with new pages. The ideal gift that can be used for years to come. 

        65. The Proud Grad - Custom Gift with University Seal

        It's the perfect personalized graduation gift idea that'll last a lifetime! This Custom Gift with University Seal is hand-crafted and personalized with his name, graduation year, and university seal / logo. 

        These best graduation gifts are perfect to store keys, phone, jewelry, or pens. It's made of high-quality genuine leather, handcrafted and hand-dyed plus it comes with a description of the leather. 

        64. The Honored Grad - Custom Acrylic Graduation Plaque

        Custom Acrylic Graduation Plaque

        Introducing our Custom Acrylic Graduation Plaque – the perfect way to commemorate one of the biggest milestones in a student's life.

        These best graduation gifts for him are crafted from high-quality, crystal-clear acrylic, and can be customized with the graduate's name, school, degree, and graduation date.

        63. The Graduate That's Ready to Make Some Money - Minimalist Wallet

        Custom Wallet in Box Graduation Gift

        After your graduate tries using this Minimalist Wallet he will thank you for years to come. This wallet can be personalized with his name or initials and can fit up to 12 credit cards. You can also add a message that can be engraved on the back of the wallet.

        Whether you pick a funny or sentimental saying to put on the back of the wallet, these best graduation gifts will bring a smile to your graduate's face every time he takes a bill out of his new wallet.

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        graduation gifts for him


        62. The Grad That's Off to College - Duffel Backpack

        backpack for him with initials

        For the graduate who likes veering off the beaten path and isn’t afraid of surprises, choose this versatile canvas backpack with contrasting details. This Personalized Duffel Bag and Backpack makes for a perfect personalized graduation gift for the new grad ready to take on the world.

        He can strap this on his back when he leaves for his adventures but also just as important he can use this bag to remember his way home.

        61. The Master Crafter - Sir Fix-A-Lot Tool Kit

        Make his graduation that much more memorable with a gift that's useful and stylish. This Sir Fix-A-Lot Tool Kit is perfect for any job, big or small!

        And all these relevant tools in this organized set, with a case no less, make this quite the gift for that recent grad now ready to take on the world.

        60. The Achiever Grad - Custom Picture Frame

        Custom Graduation Picture Frame

        Celebrate the momentous occasion of his graduation with this stunning Graduation Picture Frame.

        These college graduation gifts are the perfect way to showcase his graduation photo and commemorate his academic achievement.

        59. The Grad That Wants to Look Cool - Tactical Pen

        tactical fathers day gift pen

        Every grad can use one of these Personalized Tactical Pens. This is not your average pen; this heavy-duty survival tool is a ballpoint pen on steroids.

        Made with high-grade aircraft aluminum alloy and tungsten steel your father will feel the strength straight out of the box. These college graduation gifts are made for everyday carry and to cover everyday situations and then some. 

        Equipped with an LED flashlight, glass breaker, knife, screwdriver, and more this pen can sign his checks and save his life. Give your grad a graduation gift that he didn't even know he needed.

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        58. The Ambitious Grad - Time To Move Mountains Watch

        graduation watch

        Graduation is a time to celebrate new beginnings and mark the passage of time. This Graduation Watch and Box Set is the perfect gift for any man on this milestone occasion.

        These best graduation gifts for men are stylish and timeless, while the box can be personalized with a special message. It is a meaningful gift that will be treasured for years to come.

        57. The Resourceful Grad - The MacGyver Of Wallets

        engraved tactical wallet

        This Slim Wallet is the ultimate marriage of form and function. From opening packages to opening bottles your graduate will have all the tools he needs right in his pocket with this personalized RFID wallet.

        Give your grad the gift of always being prepared while stepping up his style game.

        56. The Golf Lover Grad - Golf Bag Cooler

        Introducing the Golf Bag Cooler, the perfect companion for the newly graduated golfer looking to celebrate their achievements on the green. These best graduation gifts fit seamlessly into any golf bag, keeping beverages chilled and refreshing throughout the game.

        With its insulated compartments and convenient storage pockets, it ensures that post-graduation celebrations are always cool, convenient, and close at hand.

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        55. The Corporate Climber Grad - Personalized Messenger Bag

        graduation messenger bag

        Empower the graduate in your life as they go and start their new adventures. From living that corporate life to walking the halls of a new campus, send him their with some style.

        This Personalized Messenger Bag gets it right from quality to style. This washed canvas bag has a large main compartment with a padded inside sleeve and an extra pocket outside. With its handsome leather accents your graduate will use this with pride for years to come.

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        54. The Hydrated Grad - Personalized Graduate Water Bottle

        Custom Gradation Water Bottle

        The perfect graduation gift for the eco-conscious and stylish graduate! This Personalized Water Bottle is made from high-quality, durable materials, these college graduation gifts are designed to keep your drinks cold for hours on end.

        The sleek and minimalist design is perfect for any occasion, whether you're heading to the gym or out on a hike. 

        53. The Sporty Grad - Engraved Graduate Football

        football graduation gift

        These personalized footballs are sure to put a smile on any graduate's face. 

        The Personalized Pigskin is a super Cool Engraved Football coming in three sizes. The football has a white top with a traditional football bottom with an engraving in a warm brown for solid contrast.

        This makes for an extra special graduation gift for the football player in your life. 

        52. The Handy Grad - Personalized Tool Bag

        graduation gift custom Tool Bag

        Whether he's a weekend warrior or a regular Bob Villa this personalized tool bag will serve him well. Made of a heavy-duty cotton canvas with 8 inside tool organizer compartments this Personalized Tool Bag gets the job done and then some.

        Personalize it with your graduates' initials and you have one killer Graduation gift.

        51. The Refreshed Grad - Personalized Tumbler

        graduation tumbler

        This personalized tumbler is made for the graduate ready to put in the long hours. From new 9-5s to long lectures these college graduation gifts will keep your kid hydrated and ready.

        It is a cool looking gift that your graduate will be very happy to receive and use for years to come. This ultimate personalized graduation gift will help remind of how proud you are of him.  

        50. The Thoughtful Grad - Custom Message Sentimental Wallet

        Custom Engraved Graduation Wallet Gift

        As your graduate embarks on the next chapter of their journey, give them a gift that will stay with them for years to come.

        This Custom Minimalist Wallet is more than just a practical accessory - it's a heartfelt reminder of your love and support. With the option to personalize it with their name or initials, these high-school graduation gifts become a symbol of their accomplishments and the bright future that lies ahead.

        49. The Stylish Grad - Personalized Men's Leather Wallet

        This Personalized Men's Leather Wallet is an engraved split leather wallet personalized with the name of your choice. These college graduation gifts will be displayed with pride for years to come.

        It’s a great gift for your graduating loved one. If you like the idea of getting him a custom wallet as a graduation gift but would like to see more options, check out these great personalized wallets.

        48. The Ultimate Explorer Grad - Journey Mate Essentials Kit

        Prepare your grad for whatever adventures lie ahead with the Journey Mate Essentials Kit. The compact, complete assortment includes survival tools, multi-tool, and toiletry bag for anywhere from home to hit-the-road use.

        It is a great way to send him off to college or his next big adventure, fully prepared.

        47. The Ready-for-Anything Grad - Wingman Multi-tool

        personalized leatherman gift with box

        This Custom Multi-tool would make great graduation gift for any guy heading out into the world.

        A great gift is one that someone wants but does not want to spend their own money on, and this tool will certainly fit into that category.

        It is something he will use for many years to come and think about what a great graduation gift it every time was he uses it.  

        46. The Ultimate Squad Grad - Dream Team Gift Set

        Dream Team Gift Set

        If you want to go strike the gift bone of your friend, smack them with a gift set that makes them manlier with each gift they hold.

        Our box sets have proven to be a bro pleaser, so treat your guy with a Deluxe Gift that will pop during the rehearsal dinner.  Five is not a crowd when it's a set of perfect products that make for the best personalized graduation gifts out there.  

        45. The Craft Brew Grad - Personalized Growler

        Personalized Beer Growler

        Would you like your gift to end up on the family table? Then this Personalized Beer Growler will be the perfect personalized graduation gift choice.

        Have it sandblast engraved with his last name, one that you can be sure will never wear off much like your friendship with him.

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        44. The Party Starter Grad - Wall Mount Bottle Opener

        Practical and functional he would love this Personalized Wall Mount Bottle Opener. This natural walnut wood and iron bottle opener with cap catcher come handy every time he reaches for that ice-cold beer.

        Have it as is or personalize it by engraving his name on it.

        43. The Organizer Grad - Personalized Leather Wallet & Notepad

        graduation gift wallet

        This Personalized Leather Wallet with a notepad has a functional minimalist design that is a perfect fit for him who loves to travel. It is made from high-quality full-grain leather. Add a personalized design to the front with his name and you have a hit gift.

        Simple and functional, it is a perfect companion to help your graduate get organized as they step into the next season of their lives. This is a gift that he will treasure for a long time.

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        42. The Signature GradPersonalized Graduation Pen and Gift Box

        This Custom Pen made with natural bamboo will make for a great look on any graduate's desk. With your choice of font and different patterns to choose from, these best graduation gifts will be appreciated for years to come.

        Would make a great personalized gift for anyone graduating and moving on to college or new careers.

        41. The Dapper Grad - Collar Concierge

          For him who loves looking like a pro most of the time, this Tie Gift Set will be perfect for his graduation day. Arranged in an old-fashioned box, the tie, made up of wool-silk blend, comes complete with cuff links and a tie clip.

          Personalize your gift box with his name and you’re all set in giving this amazing gift!   

          40. The Connected Grad - Personalized Phone Stand Wallet

          graduation custom phone stand/wallet gift

          Give your grad something functional and stylish. This personalized wallet doubles as a phone stand.

          The Magic Man Wallet and Phone Stand comes with 2 secure pockets for their cards and cash. The slim grip slides shut to keep your graduates' pockets slim and slides open for all their online social media time.  Makes for the perfect graduation gift for anyone in your life. 

          If you like the idea of getting him a wallet but would like to see a few more options, check out these great personalized wallets.

          39. The Keepsake Grad - Graduation Memento Tumbler 

          graduation tumbler

          If you are on the go, surely your buddies are too. So, whether you and your friends are an all-day, hot beverage coffee drinker or a sucker for an ice-cold drink every minute of the day, this Personalized Tumbler is a guaranteed delight.

          Offering 14 various colors, this double vacuum insulated tumbler that is made with food-grade stainless steel and will certainly be perfect as a graduation gift. 

          38. The Always with You Grad - Commerative Keychain

          Let him appreciate how far he's come! Give him this Take Pride in How Far You Have Come KeychainThese sentimental graduation gifts are engraved with encouraging words-Take pride in how far you’ve come. Have faith in how far you can go.

          But don’t forget to enjoy the journey. It is crafted of high polish stainless steel and comes in a high-quality velvet jewelry pouches and ready for gift giving.

          37. The Grill Master Grad - Personalized Cooler

          He may be out on an adventure but that shouldn’t keep him from enjoying a cool beer with friends. This Personalized Cooler is highly portable and comes with a sturdy and durable leather top handle with adjustable straps.

          It is leak-resistant and comes with a convenient bottle opener. Simply perfect for his sporting events and outdoor adventures.

          36. The New Horizons Grad - The Adventure Begins Mug

          Start Your Adventure Graduation Mug

          Whether they're headed off to college, starting a new career, or just embarking on a new chapter in life, this Coffee Mug is the perfect way to celebrate their achievements and inspire them to continue chasing their dreams. 

          35. The Jetsetter Grad - Luxe Leather Weekender

          The bag is ready to take your graduate to the next level. Whether he's heading into the dorms or gearing up for weekend retreats from the 9 to 5.

          This Weekend Go Anywhere Duffle will serve him well on all his adventures while maintaining his style. Made from Vegan Leather with an argyle lining, these high-school graduation gifts can be easily personalized with your graduates' initials.

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          34. The Celebratory Grad - Graduate Cigar Label

          Celebrate the end of school days in style with the Graduate Cigar Label! These best graduation gifts offer a wonderful opportunity to commemorate your graduate's well-deserved achievements and makes for a delightful gift at their celebratory gathering.

          Choose from a selection of two distinct designs that best match your graduate's unique taste. Acquire as many personalized labels as required to elevate the experience of enjoying a cigar in grand fashion for the star of the day.

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          33. The Craft Beer Enthusiast Grad - Brew Bearer

            Don’t you find it awkward, especially on more formal occasions when you place those six-packs on the table complete with its cardboard carrier? Why not give him this Beer Holder as a graduation gift.

            This quality beer luggage is a gift that allows him to arrive with his six packs in a trendy way, no matter the occasion. This brew bearer is made up of fir wood and delicately engraved with a deer antler design complete with an attached bottle opener.

            Personalize it by having his name laser engraved on it and he’s sure to carry it proud and in a stylish way.

            32. The Grad Thats Ready to Change the Time - Custom Watch

            All things special comes in a box. Surprise him with this sentimental graduation gift that he will use every day. This Personalized Watch is made of real sandalwood and genuine leather. Don’t waste any time letting him know how much you care.

            Let this slick timepiece on his wrist remind him that you treasure every second that you get to spend with him.

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            31. The Exploring Grad - Engraved Compass

            It's a solid brass with Thoreau's Quote Go Confidently Quote Engraved Compass. Under the glass cover is a beautiful, detailed copper compass. It's a truly impressive and unique gift for your loved one and for various occasions. A free brass keyring is sent along as a gift. 

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            30. The Toasting Grad - Graduation Beer Glass

            Raise a toast to the graduate with our exquisite Graduation Beer Glass. Crafted with elegance and precision, these college graduation gifts are designed to commemorate their academic journey and achievements.

            With its sleek design and engraved graduation cap, it adds a touch of sophistication to any celebratory occasion, making it the ideal gift for the beer-loving graduate looking to savor their success in style.

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            29. The Quirky Grad - Novelty Casual Crew Socks

            It is one practical graduation gift he can use as he dons that robe for his big day. This Novelty Casual Crew Socks has a flag pattern showing he is to be from the United States. It is made of 59% Cotton, 27% Nylon, 12% Polyester, and 2% Spandex.

            These funny graduation gifts have a pull-on closure and can fit shoe size 8 to 12.5. They will definitely end up as one of his favorites. 

            28. The Party Anywhere Grad - Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

            portable speaker

            When your graduate wants to relax and put some music on this rugged waterproof speaker is ready to go. 

            This Rugged Water-Proof Rechargeable Speaker streams your favorite music from any Bluetooth-enabled device and pumps out great sound through its powerful 360-degree sound system.

            It comes in a variety of colors to fit the personality of your graduate. 

            27. The Funny Grad - Mug on a Mug

            Mug on a Mug

            He doesn’t have this yet. No, your household’s collection of “Best Graduate may be lined up in the garage right now, accumulating his various collections of treasured old screws, nails, and pennies.  

            But this Mug is different. This one is a memory, wrapped in a cliché, surrounded by an eruption-of-laughter that will echo far-and-wide through your family for many years to come.

            26. The Groomed Grad - Shaving Set

            Clean, neat and smelling great, that’s how you want him to be all the time. Let him do his shaving in style with this Shaving Set complete with standard Gillette Mach 3 and razor that comes with one blade.

            These college graduation gifts come with a case that can be personalized with his name and a short message from you.     

            25. The Professional Grad - Personalized Portfolio

            graduation gift leather portfolio

            You would like to let him know how proud you are of your him. From Kindergarten to graduation now to first jobs let him remember you are always there for him.

            There’s no better way to remind him all these by gifting him a Custom Portfolio.  Stylish and classy, personalize it for him and he will use it with pride for years to come.

            24. Help Your Grad Stay Organized in His Travels - Military Toiletry Bag

            There is no place in this world that demands a well-groomed man like the military does. Yet, you don’t have to be in the services to position a pouch that delivers the energy of high end primps. Squeeze in a top of the line pruning session between push-ups with this beast of a travel bag.

            This bad boy delivers with a look and quality that offers all the novelties of military strong material, yet all the fundamental requirements of a French barber. These college graduation gifts come in in OD Military Green with a quality canvas. Top it all off with personalization and voila’, a man smiles.

            23. The On-the-Go Grad - Laptop Backpack

            theft secure laptop backpack

            Wherever work or school brings your graduate he will be charged and secure with this Laptop Backpack. Working and schooling remotely calls for always being charged and ready and this anti-theft backpack comes with a built in USB charging port.

            The minimalist design is comfortable and secure. Makes for a great graduation gift for anyone headed to college or out into the workforce.

            22. The Secure Traveler Grad - An All Encompassing Gift Box

            graduation gift box

            Let this Graduation Gift Box says it all. You are so proud of him and all he has accomplished. Now pack his pockets with all he could need for his new adventures with a personalized touch to remind him of how loved he is.

            This graduation gift set has his everyday needs covered and then some all packaged in a handsome gift box.

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            21. The Home State Grad - Leather Head State Series

            Does your graduate love football, then he will surely know the Leather Head Series.

            Based on the original Handsome Dan football, these Leather Head State Series Footballs are made to be played with. Made with high quality leather for a sturdy durable grip each ball is laser engraved with an outline from all 50 states.

            Pick your graduates home state or maybe his favorite teams state and you have a graduation gift he can treasure for years to come.

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            20. The Organized Essentials Grad - Personalized Leather Storage Tray

            This Mini Tray is handcrafted, hand-dyed and fastened with sturdy solid brass rivets and polished on the edges.

            These college graduation gifts are made for that one special person closest to your heart. Let this tray welcome him each day as he empties his pockets when coming home or that last tray he reaches out to for all the things he would need before he goes out. And each time he does it he remembers you - that’s the best part of it.

            Customize it with his initials or his name to make it extra special for his graduation.

            19. The Hunter Grad - Personalized Tailgate Cooler

            A Cooler and a Stool rolled into one. What can be a more fitting gift for someone who loves the outdoors! Whether he's out fishing, hunting, or good ole fashion tailgating this good gift will let him sit down and chill with you or with his best buddies.

            Lightweight and functional, you can never go wrong with this fantastic gift. Personalize it with his initials or his name and let him relax the summer away.

            18. The Weekend Warrior Grad - Personalized Duffel Bag

            This Duffel Bag is the perfect graduation for him who loves to make trips to the court or the gym.

            These college graduation gifts have a plenty of room to carry all that he needs complete with two zippered side pockets with one covered in see-through mesh for easy access and added convenience. This duffel bag has leather-wrapped handles or padded shoulder strap.

            Personalize it by placing his initials or name on it to let him know how special he is to you. 

            17. The Baseball Obsessed Grad - Personalized Baseball

            This Personalized Baseball will be his personal favorite. It can be laser etched with their name or initials and your message on the other side. These unique graduation gifts also come with a floating display stand.

            This is one great graduation gift that will be treasured by him who’s really into baseball. 

            16. The Hockey Lover Grad - Personalized Mini Hockey Stick

            graduation gift

            Let this Mini Hockey Stick be something waiting for him on his wall whenever he has that urge to play.

            These best graduation gifts measure 21’ long with a 5 1/2” blade. This can be easily customized by engraving up to 20 characters of text to make it truly his. It is a gift any hockey lover would love as a graduation gift from you.

            15. The MVP Enthusiast Grad - Baseball Embroidered Wallet

            He will definitely be awed with this Rawling Tanned Leather Embroidered Wallet. These college graduation gifts are made from supple leather and is finely crafted to secure his essentials.

            It has a spacious single bill compartment holder, 2 side pockets to eliminate layers of overlapping cards, an embossed logo with timeless quote and 8 card slots. For that sporty style, this wallet is accented with a baseball stitch.

            14. The Adventurer Grad - Double Insulated Water Bottle

            This 32 oz Water Bottle is made from 18/8 stainless steel and double wall insulated! These college graduation gifts come powder coated in a variety of colors. Each bottle is packaged in its own box with 1 wide mouth lid and 1 straw lid.

            There is no branding/logo anywhere on the bottle. It is recommended to hand wash only.

            13. The Explorer Grad - Pack & Go

              Help him get his toiletries organized for his travels by giving him this Pack & Go Toiletry Bag. Made of 100% genuine cow leather, this Dopp kit’s interior is waterproof and made of nylon cotton blended fabric lining.

              Get this item and the box that come with it personalized with his name or initials for that extra special touch.      

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              12. The Firearm Lover Grad - Bottle Bullet  

              This is no ordinary Bottle Opener. Do you know what makes it unique? It is a once-fired .50 caliber military bullet and its 100% handmade in the USA.

              He will be delighted to own one as you personalize each bottle bullet with his name or initials laser engraved.

              11. The Sharp Grad - Fully Custom Grad Blade

              The Graduation Knife comes beautifully packaged in a custom box, making it a truly personalized gift. The top of the box can be engraved with a custom message, allowing you to convey your heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to the graduate.

              Whether it's their name, graduation date, or an inspiring quote, the custom message adds a personal touch that makes this gift truly unique.

              10. The Scribbler Grad - Custom Rosewood Pens

              He can be very busy signing tons of paper in the office. And being busy can sometimes get in the way of not being able to communicate as often as you want to.

              Let him know you’re thinking about him no matter how busy life gets as you give him this Personalized Rosewood Case and Two PensThe Eagle design and the names are engraved by 100W laser engraver. 

              9. The Insightful Writer Grad - Personalized Journal

              Let his written words be a living legacy for you and your family. Get him this gift to do that with grace and show him how his words matter. This Journal is a classic and is made of genuine cow leather. It can be laser engraved with his name and initials too.  

              8. The Shining Achiever Grad - Light Up Graduation Plaque

              Light Up Graduation Plaque

              Celebrate your loved one's academic achievements with our Light Up Graduation Plaque! These college graduation gifts are the perfect way to commemorate their graduation day and all of their hard work leading up to it.

              Crafted from high-quality non-glare acrylic, this plaque boasts exceptional durability and longevity. The material is known for its resistance to yellowing and cracking, ensuring that your plaque will remain in pristine condition for years to come.

              7. The Stylish Grad - Personalized Bag

              Give him something that can carry all his travel essentials with this Personalized Satchel. This bag is spacious enough to carry even his tech and gadgets. It has a variety of pockets that can store important things for his trip.

              You may even have this gift personalized by having his name laser engraved on it. This is one gift that will surely bring you to mind no matter where his next travel may be.    

              6. The Music Lover Grad - Personalized Mini Wood Speaker 

              Engraved Bluetooth Speaker

              Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too? You want a Bluetooth speaker to be portable, and you want it to sound amazing.

              With the Newport Bluetooth speaker, you can have it all. 10-watt sound packed into a sleek, attractive package, this speaker is ready to start the party everywhere you go, and with a 7-hour battery life, it doesn't have to end anytime soon.

              5. The Clumsy Grad - Personalized Leather Phone Case

              This stylish and super cool iPhone 6 leather case can be engraved with his initials to complete that smart executive look. This iPhone wallet is perfect to keep all his necessities secure.

              Available in different iPhone sizes, these best graduation gift ideas will be appreciated by him on any occasion. 

              4. The Smoker Grad - Ashtray with Class

               Ash With Class

              A cigar accessory for only the Classiest Smoker. This kit will fit well with any cigar lovers' collection. Ashtray, cutter, puncher and holder this set bring the best of all worlds into one personalized travel kit.

              Make sure your friend isn't using a sub-par cigar kit, get them something that they would be proud to use, help them Ash with Class. 

              3. The Marine Lover Grad - Four Snifter Gifter

              If you're looking to bring a bit of debonair to digest of your man's bar and if your man enjoys the subtleties of fine drinking, then this dashing collection will fit the gifting bill.  

              The suave man has moved past Natty Light and ice luges. To grace his drinking maturity with a gift that screams sophistication, it starts with a snifter.  The dapper elegance of a snifter will bring the aroma of his bourbon out and may just raise a pinky, establishing a man past his juvenile kegger days. 

              The Four Snifter comes with 1 whiskey decanter, 4 snifters, and 1 wood box. The decanter comes with a solid 100% glass stopper.  It's a set meant to impress and one that will go a long way to adorn your posse with class in appreciation on your big weekend.  

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              2. The Wilderness Wanderer Grad - Personalized Hatchet

              Personalized Fathers Day Hatchet

              With a wood grip handle and stainless-steel blade this Personalized Hatchet will be sure to make your man smile as he masters the skill of ax throwing. You can customize it with a special message on it or simply put his name on it.

              1. The Bold Adventurer Grad - Naked and Brave

              Let his travel adventures be filled with fun and excitement as you give him this Gift Set.

              These graduation gifts come with a glass flask that can be filled with his favorite drink, a journal that will allow him to keep track of his adventures and a Swiss knife that comes handy for just about anything and everything that would require some necessary tools.

              All housed in a wooden box that can be personalized with his name or initials. A fabulous gift indeed!      

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