1 Month Milestone: 26 Thoughtful One Month Anniversary Gifts

Updated on August 20, 2023 by Melissa Bajda

Finding the perfect gift for your one-month anniversary can be a challenge. Whether dating for a short or long-term relationship, finding the right gift for the one-month anniversary is key to making your significant other feel special.

Here are 26 thoughtful and romantic gifts for one-month anniversary that will make them swoon.

Thoughtful Gifts for One-Month Anniversary to Show Your Love!

1. Personalized Love You To Infinity Sign

Surprise your loved one with a beautiful personalized "Love You To Infinity" sign.

This one-month anniversary gift can be customized with your name and wedding date, making it a cherished keepsake. Available in many sizes, this sign is made with high-quality steel and is entirely handmade.

The elegant design and personal touch will surely melt your partner's heart and serve as a constant reminder of your love for each other. Hang it up in your home as a symbol of your everlasting love.

2. Personalized Wooden Anniversary Forever Frame

Personalized Wooden Anniversary Forever Frame is a great gift to celebrate your first month anniversary.

This classic gift is a simple yet elegant way to showcase a memorable moment you've shared with your partner. This 8x10 picture frame has a customized image, so you don't need to print out the image.

Just upload your favorite picture and personalize it with your name and anniversary date. This special gift is perfect for those who appreciate sentimental items and will be a great addition to your home decor.

3. Personalized Reasons Why I Love You Wooden Puzzle

Reasons Why I Love You Puzzle is a timeless and thoughtful gift that your love will cherish.

Whether it is for husband or wife, adding a personal touch, like the custom reasons you love them, can make it extra special.

Your partner will adore these one-month anniversary gift ideas and think of you whenever they look at them.

4. Personalized Anniversary Greetings Mat

Welcome guests into your home with a Personalized Anniversary Greetings Mat. These one-month anniversary gifts add a personal touch to your entryway and remind you daily of your love.

Customize the mat with your family name and the date you established your love story. This simple yet meaningful gift is perfect for celebrating your 1 month anniversary and will be cherished for years.

Let everyone who enters your home know that love is always in the air, EST (established), on the date of your special day.

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5. Where We Met Acrylic Map

If you and your partner have a special place where you first met, this Personalized Where We Met Acrylic Map is the perfect one-month anniversary gift idea.

This map showcases the exact location where you met and includes both of your names. It comes with a LED light stand that makes the map stand out even more and can be placed anywhere in your home.

These best one-month anniversary gifts are a sweet and romantic reminder of the place where your love story first began.

6. Personalized Anniversary Photo on Wood

Personalized Anniversary Photo on Wood is one of the most heartfelt and sentimental gifts you can give for a first-month anniversary.

These one-month anniversary gift ideas add a touch of nostalgia and romance to your special day. Select your favorite photo of you and your partner and have it laser engraved onto a wooden plaque.

This great idea will remind you of your special memories and be a beautiful decoration for your home.

7. Personalized Anniversary Rock with Wooden Gift Box

Are you looking for a unique and sentimental gift for your one-month anniversary? Consider a Personalized Anniversary Rock!

These one-month anniversary gifts are imprinted at an impressive 1200 dpi, ensuring your custom message or image is crisp and clear.

This great gift comes nestled in a lovely wooden gift box, adding elegance and sophistication.

8. Personalized Photo Acrylic Keychain

Personalized Photo Acrylic Keychain is such a thoughtful gift for one-month anniversaries.

You can choose a favorite photo of the two of you and engrave it on the keychain, making it a sentimental keepsake your partner can carry with them wherever they go.

These amazing gift ideas come in different colors, such as white, frosted, and clear, allowing you to select one that matches your partner's style.

9. Photo Projection Couple's Bracelet

The Photo Projection Couple's Bracelet is a unique and thoughtful gift for your 1-month anniversary.

Made from titanium, these couple bracelets feature a hidden compartment to insert a photo of the two of you. The photo is projected onto a nearby surface when the bracelet is worn, creating a beautiful and romantic display.

 Perfect for everyday wear, these 1-month anniversary gifts remind you of your special bond. Surprise your partner with this sentimental and awesome gift that will make them swoon.

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10. Acrylic Music Love Print Plaque

The Acrylic Music Love Print Plaque is a unique and personalized gift idea for your first milestone.

Made with high-quality materials, this one-month anniversary gift can be customized with your photo, meaningful lyrics, names, and wedding date.

Hang it on your wall as a reminder of your love story, or display it on your desk for a daily dose of romance. This heartfelt gift will surely make your partner swoon on your 1st month anniversary.

11. Date Night CookBook and Activities: Recipes and Games

For those couples who love spending time in the kitchen together, a date night cookbook is such a wonderful gift idea for a 1st month anniversary.

This Cookbook provides delicious recipes to try out and includes fun and interactive activities and games to keep the excitement alive.

Cooking together is a great way to bond and spend quality time in this early stage, making these meaningful gifts a perfect choice.

12. Couple Hand Casting Kit for Anniversary

Are you looking for a unique and sentimental gift for your one-month anniversary? Look no further than the Couple Hand Casting Kit.

This month anniversary gift kit includes a practice mold kit, paint set, and sculpture base, allowing you to create a beautiful keepsake of your hands intertwined.

This thoughtful and romantic gift idea captures the moment and creates a lasting memory.

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13. Intimacy Deck with 150 Activities Prompt

An Intimacy Deck with 150 Activities Card can be a nice idea at the one-month mark of a new relationship.

These best one-month anniversary gifts provide conversation starters, date night games, relationship cards, and ultimate game that can help couples connect and learn more about each other.

With a range of activities, this deck is perfect for those who want to add excitement and novelty to their relationship.

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14. 11 oz Romantic One Month Anniversary Mug Set

The 11 oz Romantic One Month Anniversary Mug Set is the perfect gift for new couples celebrating their one-month anniversary.

This anniversary gift set includes two mug set with the phrase "Let's Have a Coffee Together" printed on them. It is a sweet and simple way to commemorate this special milestone in your relationship.

Don't make your new boyfriend uncomfortable; celebrate this milestone with a unique gift to make you smile.

15. Personalized Wooden Music Box with Mirror

Are you looking for a unique and sentimental gift for your one-month anniversary? Look no further than the Personalized Wooden Music Box with Mirror.

These one-month anniversary gifts let you personalize the wooden lid with your favorite message or initials. It plays a melody with a special meaning for both music lovers.

A mirror inside adds a touch of elegance and allows for a quick touch-up on the go.

16. Stuck with Me and No Refunds Candle

The "Stuck with Me and No Refunds Candle" is perfect for your milestone anniversary. This unique candle is scented with lavender, a soothing fragrance that creates a relaxing atmosphere.

The candle is a great gift because it shows your partner that you have put time and effort into finding something unique and meaningful.

It is a small gesture that can have a huge impact on your relationship, demonstrating your thoughtfulness and attention to detail.

17. Handmade Wooden Teddy Bear Anniversary Card

Bear is a symbol of love and care. Gift your special person a handmade wooden teddy bear anniversary card on your one-month anniversary.

The Wooden Card is a unique and thoughtful gift your partner will appreciate. These best anniversary gifts are perfect for writing your personal message and a great way to show your love and affection for your partner.

The teddy bear design on the card is cute and playful, making it perfect for a one-month anniversary celebration.

18. Manniversary Shirt

Manniversary Shirt

The best way to show your love while being discreet. Walk around wearing your special date right over your heart in a cool and stylish way! The Manniversary Crew Neck Shirt will keep you warm and cozy as you remember what should have been the best day of your life. Offered in two classic colors, this crew neck makes for a fun anniversary gift.

19. Sex In A Box

Sex In A Box

Looking for a unique gift for the naughty guy on your list this season? Look no further than the Sex In A Box Gift Set! This kinky gift set includes boxers and personalized restraints, plus a candle to set the mood. Whether you're looking to spice up your own holiday fun or give someone else a special treat, this gift set is sure to please. So make your holiday season extra naughty with the Sex In A Box Holiday Gift Set!

20. Personalized Couple Song Plaque

Personalized Couple Song Plaque

Are you looking for a romantic and sophisticated way to commemorate your love or the song of your relationship? Look no further than the Personalized Couple Song Plaque, the perfect token to remind both of your tune together!

What better way to express your everlasting love than with a special keepsake that can be taken wherever life may lead? Sure to bring a bright smile to anyone’s face, this keychain will serve as an eternal reminder of your most precious memories as a couple. Perfect for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays, or any day when you want to express extra love and appreciation. 

21. Photo and Hearts Boxers

Photo and Hearts Boxers

Looking for a unique gift for the man in your life? Look no further than our Photo and Hearts Boxers! These hilarious undies feature a photo of your face on the butt, perfect for birthdays, holidays, bachelor parties - any occasion! Plus, they're made of high-quality fabric that will keep him comfortable all day long. So make him laugh with a pair of our Photo and Hearts Boxers - he won't be disappointed!

22. Love At First Sip

Love At First Sip

What could be better than love at first sight? Love at first sip, of course! This steel flask is the perfect way to take your favorite liquor with you wherever you go. These witty and stylish flasks are sure to put a smile on your face, and they make the perfect gift for the special someone in your life. Whether you're taking a shot or sipping on a cold one, this flask will make sure your drink stays chilly all night long. Tell your loved ones what their love means to you with these funny designed hip flasks.

23. Lovers Blanket

Personalized Blanket Sentimental Gift

Perfect for that cold morning snuggle or the late-night cuddles. The Lovers Blanket will keep you both warm and will always remind you of your special day! The perfect blanket for a long night of Netflix and Chill.

This cuddly and super-soft fleece blanket measures 50"W x 60"H and features rolled hemmed edges. Each blanket can be stored in the clear PVC zippered travel pouch. Its lightweight design makes it easy to carry to outdoor events.

24. Light Up Heart Name Sign

Light Up Heart Name Sign

Do you have somebody special in your life that you want to celebrate? There’s no better way to do so than with the gift of a custom Light Up Heart Name Sign! This romantic and modern personalized night light is perfect for anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, or any special occasion.

25. Custom Occasions Cutter

Custom Occasions Cutter

When it comes to celebrating special occasions, finding a gift that is both meaningful and personalized can be a challenge. Introducing the Custom Occasions Cutter, an exquisitly engraved knife paired with a personalized box designed to make any event truly unforgettable. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, retirement, or any milestone worth celebrating, this remarkable gift allows you to put their name on the knife and engrave multiple lines on the box, enabling you to convey your heartfelt sentiments in a tangible and lasting way.

26. Anniversary Coaster Set

Anniversary Coaster Set

Introducing our Anniversary Coaster Set, a delightful collection of four slate coasters that beautifully commemorate your special milestone. Crafted with care and precision, these coasters are engraved with a cute anniversary design and can be personalized with your initials or wedding date, adding a touch of uniqueness to your cherished moments.

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1. Should you get something for 1-month anniversary?

    It is entirely up to you and your significant other. If you both enjoy celebrating milestones, a small gift or gesture could be a thoughtful way to mark the special occasion.

    However, if you prefer to keep things low-key, then there's no need to feel pressured into getting a gift.

    2. What is the best gift for a boyfriend on Monthsary?

      The best gift for your boyfriend on your one-month anniversary is one that shows how much you care for him. Consider his interests, hobbies, and tastes when choosing a gift.

      For example, if he loves music, you could get him an acrylic music love print plaque. Alternatively, you could opt for a date night cookbook and activities kit if he's a foodie.

      3. Are month anniversaries important?

        The importance of month anniversaries varies from couple to couple. For some, it is an opportunity to celebrate the flirtatious stage of their relationship and show appreciation for one another.

        For others, it may be less significant. Ultimately, it is up to you and your partner to decide how important these milestones are and how you want to commemorate them.

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